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How to design a sports shop?

Physical activity is becoming an increasingly important part of life for many people. Thus, the market demand for sports shops increased. Consumers have considerable expectations about them. Sales points, wishing to meet the needs of both professionals and amateurs, must provide a wide offer.

Production of sports shop equipment

A sports shop requires a functional and clear design, display furniture should take into account the various dimensions of the products sold. Visual merchandising imposes the use of certain standard solutions that often have to be interpreted depending on the kind of the store. The universal principle is providing ergonomic space, creating a place that will be comfortable for buyers and employees. In order to stand out from the competition, sports stores must be ready to adapt to rapidly changing trends.

The main changes in the assortment of sports stores are determined by the following seasons: winter and summer. This is when the greatest reorganization of the collection takes place. The specificity of this type of retail requires flexibility in terms of planning the exposure. The challenges that we face in designing sports stores mainly relate to the practical arrangement of space and the use of appropriate store furniture. Often, goods from the same group differ significantly in size and the rules require that they be displayed in your neighborhood. This is where shop shelves that can be replaced depending on the space needs help. We produce this type of display furniture from scratch, the smallest detail can significantly facilitate the work of the store staff. The design should take into account not only the practical arrangement of shelves and hooks, but also the ease of moving them. In addition, the furniture should be mobile, so that it takes a few seconds to move it to another place.

Production of a sports shop for the Burton brand

In the fourth quarter of 2020, we produced the flagship Burton snowboard store in Stockholm. The store opened on October 15, 2020 is part of the so-called Burton Hub – a special concept that is a combination of a stationary store, showroom and office. Our project for the Burton brand is not only the brand’s store in Sweden, but also the official headquarters of the company in this country.

The Ergo Store team was responsible for retail furniture manufacturing, preparation of technical documentation as well as the assembly of furniture and equipment. Bearing in mind the frequent changes to the exposition, we designed wall shelves with a large number of mounting holes. Thanks to this, the store staff will be able to easily choose the height of the shelves, their number and freely compose their arrangement. The racks extend from the floor to the ceiling, increasing the amount of space for displaying products. We made them of wood, which gives the place a cozy, winter character.

Produkcja sklepu sportowego dla marki Burton

A large amount of display furniture in a sports store makes it easier to plan a diverse assortment. In such places, we have to find space for small accessories, from clothes and shoes to large-sized sports equipment, such as snowboards, skis, etc. In addition to wall shelves, we also produced tables and cabinets on wheels that can be easily moved.

Produkcja sklepu sportowego dla marki BurtonProdukcja sklepu sportowego dla marki Burton

One of the key principles in designing a sports store is simplicity. Too many elements, decors or colors, will not be appropriate in this case. While working for Burton, we focused on minimalism, mainly wood material and dusty white colors. The colors inside are subdued, the only decorative elements are discreetly placed graphics of snowboarders. However, they do not interfere with the search for appropriate equipment.

Produkcja wyposażenia sklepu sportowego

The store is bright and spacious. We chose the white light color, but it is not too glaring or too dark. In addition, selected store elements are illuminated by spotlight from industrial lamps.

Produkcja sklepu sportowego dla marki Burton

How to prepare for the production of a sports shop?

The design of a sports shop requires a lot of experience and extensive knowledge of visual merchandising as well as a professional technical team support. Ergo Store has been dealing with comprehensive store equipment for many years. Our specialists from A to Z will build a sports shop that will bring big profits. Are you interested? Just contact us.

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