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How to prepare a Christmas promotional stand?

With the beginning of November big brands launched their Christmas campaigns. Every year there is a tendency to open the holiday season earlier. This is not surprising because November is an important time for retail, so everyone asks themselves “how to stand out from the competition to sell more”. One of the most frequently used solutions is placing promotional stands in popularly frequented places. How to prepare such a stand to catch the eye?

Plan your winter sales with Ergo Store

The promotional stand is intended for advertising your own brand or product at various types of promotional events organized occasionally, e.g. in shopping malls, cinemas, but also at Christmas markets.

The first important question to ask yourself is: “where am I going to put my promotional stand?”. You should check the space requirements as to the dimensions of the stand and find out what is in our immediate vicinity. If the stand was to be located in a shopping mall, checking which stores are nearby is the next step. When designing a sales stand, it is worth defining your target customer, if they are, for example, women, then it is worth locating your promotional point near shops with women’s clothing, jewelry, drugstores, etc.

When we find the perfect place to promote our brand, let’s think about how to fully use its potential. The design of the promotional stand should be based on the analysis of the place – it will give us the answer whether the stand should be round, rectangular or maybe in the shape of a triangle, where to place the counter and display shelves, etc. The characteristic feature of promotional stands is that they usually change their place frequently. Mobile furniture is a great solution not only for promotional Christmas stands but also for other occasions.

Make your Christmas stand unique

Every year, many exhibitors prepare the same Christmas promotional stands, not particularly taking care of trends. Year after year, customers visit similar exhibitions, so it is worth allowing yourself a bit of madness and surprise with something unusual. Let’s focus on modernity, which gives us unlimited sales opportunities. Despite the wide access to fancy LED signs, they are not often found at the described stands. This inexpensive element can make our stand eye-catching.

If it is to be a Christmas promotional stand with gifts and Christmas articles, then let’s make sure that it is clearly emphasized. We have to attract fans of the festive atmosphere! Home and family atmosphere should float in the air – aroma marketing will help you in this. It’s the practice of using a pleasant aroma to enhance your brand experience. 

Christmas promotional stand

We have almost unlimited possibilities when designing holiday promotional stands. However, this is not a task for everyone, you need to be creative and have the appropriate technological resources and technical skills. In addition, advertising stands should match the aesthetics of a given seller as much as possible. Thanks to many years of experience in designing stores and promotional stands, the Ergo Store knows how to properly prepare companies for this project. We invite you to cooperate with us! 

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