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Tallinder: Our client, LPP creates a new brand for those who prefer quality

LPP Group, owner of such brands as Reserved, House, Mohito, Cropp and Sinsay expands its portfolio. A new brand Tallinder will be dedicated to a well situated client, who appreciate minimalism and high-quality materials. First Tallinder store will be opened in Gdansk.

“Developing our portfolio and opening for new groups of customers together with the dynamic expansion of the distribution network is a key to success in that industry” – says Hubert Komorowski, vice president of LPP responsible for the new brand. Creating a new brand took a year and half. It included not only developing first collections, but also evolving a concept of the Tallinder store. The target group was defined precisely : people over 30, who are loyal to the rule “less is more” – owning less but better quality clothing.

“Our new offer is directed to the customers who appreciate the elegance and the highest quality. Therefore we are looking for retail space in the most prestigious locations – adds Hubert Komorowski. He underlines a fact that LPP knows domestic market perfectly and because of that first Tallinder stores will be opened in Poland.

First Tallinder store will be opened in Gdansk. Further locations are Bydgoszcz, Lublin, Katowice, Szczecin, Wroclaw and Gdynia – the stores will be opened in March and April 2016. Company is searching for the suitable location for Tallinder store in Warsaw.

What is the concept of Tallinder stores interior? They will correspond with the essence of the brand. As LPP explains, a visit in the saloon should be an opportunity to buy clothes and accessories, but also to relax in the lounge area or browse magazines and albums about art, design, fashion and architecture. The interiors of the stores will be made of natural materials like stone and wood.

Ergo Store was involved in a number of LPP realizations in Poland and abroad. Among others, we equipped, first Reserved store in the German city of Recklinghausen (gallery Palais Vest), which was opened in September 2014. Other projects for LPP in Germany include stores in Mannheim, Wuppertal, Kaiserslautern and Aachen.

We are also running the projects for the group in the Middle East, fitting out commercial spaces in such locations as Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi Mall – opening in January 2016) and Kuwait (Marina Plaza). Thanks to our experienced multi-disciplinary team and advanced project management system, we are prepared to complete diverse, even complex or custom orders. We have experience in working in an international, open composition.

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